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No one wants a front lawn that floods every time it rains. A well-designed storm water system can prevent the drainage issues that cause flooding. J.K. Holmgren Engineering Inc. offers storm water management services for residential, commercial and governmental building projects.

We'll draw up a proposal for free. You can trust us to research the area thoroughly to come up with the best design for your storm water system. If you're building on wetlands, we'll handle the conservation filing.

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3 common causes of drainage problems

3 common causes of drainage problems

If you don't select the right engineer for your construction project, you could run into a variety of drainage issues. Here are three of the most common causes of drainage problems:

  1. The yard isn't pitched or sloped at the right angle.
  2. The sidewalk is blocking water from the drainage system.
  3. There are no downspouts to divert water away from the building.

J.K. Holmgren Engineering Inc. is home to experienced engineers and land surveyors. You can rely on us to design a structure with the proper storm water management elements. Talk to us about your project today by calling 508-583-2595.